Creating brand new Instagram content all the time can be time-consuming. To take all of the thinking out of your Instagram content for 30 days, we’ve created a 30-Day Instagram Challenge to switch up your content. Try out this challenge to see if it helps increase your followers and engagement.

Day 1 – Feature Your Staff

Take this time to show off either one staff member or several. Post a photo and highlight what makes them great!

Day 2 – Engage with People in San Diego

To engage with people who live in San Diego, or your particular neighborhood, visit the search bar on Instagram and click on the location. From there, type in San Diego and then begin liking and commenting on posts by people in San Diego. This will encourage new people to visit your page.

Day 3 – Showcase Traveling

Do you travel? Let your Instagram followers get to know you a bit better by showing off the last place you traveled to.

Day 4 – Ask for Feedback

Post an Instagram story and use the “questions” feature to ask your followers a particular question that you want their feedback on. Or if you prefer, use a Poll.

Day 5 – Feature a Testimonial

Post a video testimonial or a typed out one from a review site to show your followers why people love your business.

Day 6 – Explain a Service You Offer

Take a video of the most popular service you offer and use audio overlay to describe what’s going on and give the information a customer might want to know about.

Day 7 – Show Your Community Service

If you participate in any community activities or community service abroad or in San Diego, here’s the time to tell people about it.

Day 8 – Post Something Funny

Humor is always refreshing on Instagram feeds. Repost a meme or cartoon or post your own funny photo.

Day 9 –What Motivates You

What motivates you in your day to day life? Post it for your followers to see!

Day 10 – A Day in the Life

Use Instagram Stories to show off what a day in your life is like.

Day 11 – Post Your Proudest Business Moment

What service do you offer that makes you feel like you made a difference? Think back to your proudest moment at work and post about it.

Day 12 – Your Favorite Quote

What’s a quote you like to live by?

Day 13 – Ask Your Followers What Service They’re Considering

Use the Questions feature on Instagram stories to find out what your followers are considering visiting you for.

Day 14 – Repost a Past Customer

Do you have a customer who loves you? Showcase them by reposting one of their photos.

Day 15 – Rewrite Your Bio

Rewriting your bio can help enhance your brand.

Day 16 – Complete Hashtag Research

If you use the same hashtags all the time, you might be missing out on new trending ones. Complete hashtag research to reach more users.

Day 17 – Engage With Your Followers

Go through your newsfeed and engage with your followers to remind them that you’re there and you care. Also be sure to comment back to them on your own posts.

Day 18 – Throwback to College

If you have any old photos from when you were in college or first started out in your trade, post some photos!

Day 19 – Bio Video

Take a video of yourself where you describe who you are, why you got into your business and what you love about it!

Day 20 – Your Favorite Restaurant in San Diego

What San Diego restaurant has you raving? Post your favorite restaurant.

Day 21 – Post Picture or Video Bloopers

Have any funny photo or video bloopers from work? Post them!

Day 22 – Go Live!

Go live on Instagram to engage with your followers and answer their questions.

Day 23 – Post the Current Book/Show You’re Enjoying

If you love the book or TV show you’re currently into, post it!

Day 24 – Your Favorite Part of Your Job

What’s your favorite part of your job? Post it.

Day 25 – Post Your Degrees/Certifications

Take pictures of your degrees and certifications!

Day 26 – Show Off Your Pets/Family

Post these personal aspects of your life so your followers can get to know you on a deeper level.

Day 27 – Show Photos of Your Workspace

If some of your followers haven’t visited you, this is a good way to show them what they will walk into.

Day 28 – Share Your Hobby

What’s your hobby? Share it with your followers!

Day 29 – Engage with Other Local San Diego Businesses

Like and comment on other local businesses as a way to network and reach potential customers!

Day 30 – Thank Your Followers

Take this last day to thank your followers for their business and following you.

Get Some Extra Help on Instagram

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