Instagram is frustrating both for users and for those of us who manage business profiles. Recently Instagram users have felt like Instagram has thrown us another algorithm change. This is because in our feeds we are missing posts and our own posts are lacking the engagement and interaction that we are used to. San Diego Marketing is here to debunk the truth behind Instagram’s algorithm and give you tips to combat it.

Instagram’s Algorithm Changes in a Nut Shell

Instagram was launched with a chronological feed that most users loved. Unfortunately, in 2016, Instagram made the change over to what is similar to Facebook’s feed. It is there to prioritize posts they think you will care about. This is when users began to become frustrated with Instagram as they were missing posts from their favorite accounts.

In 2018, Instagram made another algorithm change that was supposed to improve user’s feeds that would give priority to recent posts. There was also a new pop-up notification that says “you’re all caught up” to let you know that you’ve seen all new posts. However, most of us still felt like we were missing things. We all have noticed a drop in engagement since then. This has us wondering, did they change their algorithm again without telling us?

Instagram’s Response:

After lots of angry tweets, Instagram finally responded to the allegations that they changed their algorithm.

Based on these tweets, Instagram shows you posts based on your personal activity on Instagram. If you keep scrolling, you will see everything is their solution. While we would all prefer a chronological feed again, there are a few ways you can combat this annoying algorithm so your posts can be seen again.

Tips to Beat Instagram’s Algorithm

Create Quality Content

When it comes to choosing quality over quantity, choose quality every time. Instagram has stated that quality posts do better but they never specify what makes a post good. To be safe, make sure your images or videos are well produced. The more like-worthy it is, the better it will do.

Publish Stories Regularly

While posting stories won’t influence Instagram’s algorithm, it will benefit you. Stories are quite popular and you can even link them to your posts on your page. Posting both stories and regular posts is the best way to gain maximum engagement.

Publish Videos

Instagram is pushing IGTV hard, so if you’re smart, you will start posting more videos. While they haven’t admitted that videos are favored, we can only guess they are. Stay ahead of the curve. Users prefer to watch videos anyway!

Go Live Regularly

While going live sounds intimidating, it can help you out. It will notify your followers when you’re live and it will put your story first in line.

Run a Contest

Running a contest is a great way to drive traffic to your Instagram account. Make sure to tell your followers to tag their friends in the comments for maximum exposure.

Write Steller Captions

A long chunk of text is never a good idea on Instagram. Make sure you’re writing short but effective captions with a call to action or direction to engage with your post.

Use Hashtags

If you’re lacking on engagement, try switching up your hashtags. You can use a total of 30, so use a combination of branded, community, relevant and product hashtags for best results.

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