How are your photos and videos looking currently for your Instagram content? If they’re looking a bit plain and boring, don’t worry, there’s a lot you can do to make it better. To switch up your Instagram content to make your photos and videos stand out more, we recommend a few easy to use apps! With better content, you can expect your followers to stay happier and for new followers to come your way. Here are some of the best apps you can use to create better photos and videos.

1. Canva

One of the top apps you can use to enhance your Instagram photos is Canva. Canva makes it easy to edit your photos by using filters, photo frames or stickers, or you can add text overlay, icons, logos, and other effects. Whether you need to edit a before and after image, show off a special for your business, or make an announcement, you can make any image possible using Canva. Canva is easy to use and can help you brand your business with simplicity.

2. Over

Another helpful app out there that can help you create amazing Instagram photos is Over. Over is helpful for those of you who want to put minimal effort into designing photos for Instagram. You can use a template or create your own photo based on your needs. Over can also be used to create flyers, text-heavy posts or any specials you might offer.

3. Pixaloop

This is a fun app that will bring your still photos to life. Take any photo you have, and then choose what area you want to animate, choose your animation type and then bring it to life! This can make all of your photos more interesting or be a nice breath of fresh air in-between plain photos and videos.

4. Hyperlapse

If you like to take videos of a process, make your videos shorter by taking a video using Hyperlapse. Hyperlapse is an app made by Instagram that takes out the shakiness that usually comes with taking time lapse videos. Choose the speed of your time-lapse video in the app and feel free to post what normally is a long video as a shorter time lapse.

5. Boomerang

Another fun app you can use to switch up your content is the Boomerang app. This is an app that shoots a quick 5-second video and then plays it back and forth, like a boomerang. As a result, it produces fun and short videos with a cool effect. Feel free to get creative with this one!

6. Video Editor – Editing Studio

The only video editing app you will need. Video Editor – Editing Studio is only available via iOS so you will need an Apple product to use it. This app will allow you to add music, text, logos and even voiceovers to your videos. You can also crop or trim videos as well as speed up or slow down videos. Lastly, you can add in text titles, finishing touches and transitions.

Take Your Instagram Content to the Next Level

Now that you know how to produce amazing Instagram content, it’s time to take it to the next level. Give San Diego Marketing a call to learn more about our Instagram marketing options.