When it comes to producing stellar Instagram content, you first have to figure out what to post. Browse our planning 30 days of Instagram content post if you’re stuck. After you know what to post, it’s time to take what you’re posting and make it better. By improving your Instagram content you can grow your followers and improve engagement. More followers can lead to more business, so why not make some improvements? Find out how you can improve your Instagram content below.

Shoot All Videos and Photos in Square Format

Although Instagram allows photos and videos that are just outside the square ratio, we recommend that users still opt for a square version of their own photos and videos. This is because when you look at an Instagram profile, you will be able to see a whole photo or video instead of a cropped version of it. This will help people who are viewing your profile more likely click on a post.

Another reason you should shoot all of your photos and videos in square format is that you might have to crop them if they’re not. This means you might have to alter your photo or video a bit which might force you to end up with something that’s not as aesthetic. Avoid annoying cropping by just shooting in square format to begin with.

Focus on Footage Not Talking

If you want to talk about what you’re doing in your business or talk your way through a service, we don’t recommend that you take a video of you just sitting there and talking. Instagram is a visual platform, not a podcast. We recommend taking footage of the actual service and then talking while you’re doing it. You can also film the footage and then add in an audio overlay of you talking about the service. This is a more engaging way to produce video footage.

Keep Text Overlay to a Minimum

If you’re Instagram is filled with lots of text overlay, this can take a damper on your Instagram’s overall appearance. If you want to use text overlay, we recommend using it every once in a while and when you do, keeping it to a minimum. Instagram isn’t the place to use text overlay since it’s such a visual platform. Users come here to look, not read. If you do have something to say, your caption is your best bet.

Change the Cover Images on Your Videos

When you post a video using the default image, this might not drive as many views as you would like. If there’s a particular spot of your video that you think will capture a viewer’s interest, we recommend using this as the cover image. This will encourage more viewers as a result.

Try Our Instagram Tips Today

Now that you have some new tips to try out for your San Diego business Instagram, give them a try to see if it helps grow engagement and traffic to your profile. If you need help with your Instagram marketing strategy or want more tips, give San Diego Marketing a call or fill out our online contact form. Stay tuned for more tips on how to improve your Instagram content.