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PPC Strategy For Your Dental Practice

After working alongside dentists for years, we’ve been able to narrow down what works and doesn’t work with PPC advertising , that way every penny does exactly what its supposed to do: Increase conversions


See How Effective SEO Can Benefit You

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The PPC Advertisements will point to your dental site, where the one who clicked will be able to explore your site, dental services and dental procedures. This is a great way to kick off a new website.

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Having fresh footprints moving through your site will give catch the attention of Google, which will allow it to rank your page higher due to it being able to differentiate your site from potentially harmful sites.

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Having your ad display will allow users to see who you are, whether or not the click on the ad, benefiting your dental practice’s presence online

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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

― Paul Cookson 

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