More and more small businesses are making their Instagram accounts private to gain control over their followers, fan and to choose quality content over quantity. Why should you make your Instagram account private? There are a few different benefits to doing this. San Diego Marketing is here to help you weigh all of the pros and cons before trying it out for yourself.

1. Privacy and Personalized Content are Key

One of the first reasons to make your Instagram account private is to create more personalized and private content. Brands are moving toward a more personalized experience is which is why users are leaning towards small, closed groups. This is part of the reason why Facebook groups are becoming so popular right now. When you make your Instagram private, your followers will limit the number of people who can view your posts which shows your followers that you value quality overreach. This not only helps your followers feel special, but it makes your content feel more tailored to them.

2. Private Instagram Accounts Create Exclusivity

If you put a bouncer in front of the door to your content, isn’t that going to make more people curious about what you’re posting? When you make your Instagram account private, this gives your loyal followers a first-hand look at what’s new with your business. In addition, it will make non-followers interested in what you might be posting.

3. Private Instagram Accounts Might Increase Your Followers

Another benefit of making your Instagram account private is that it might help you increase your followers. Making your Instagram private will increase your followers because the sense of exclusivity will make people want to follow you. In addition, if a user sends one of your posts to a friend, they won’t be able to see it without following you.

4. Keep Around Existing Followers

To start, any of your followers who try to unfollow you will receive a notification asking if they are sure that they want to unfollow you. This will help you reduce the amount of unfollows for your page.

5. You Gain More Control

Another reason to make your Instagram private is to gain more control over your account. When your account is on private, it’s easier to weed out bots, trolls, and bad followers. You can pick and choose who you want to accept to follow you. If you have a particular audience you are trying to reach, putting your account on private is one of the best ways to achieve your ideal audience.

Why You Shouldn’t Switch

Of course, there are a few reasons you shouldn’t put your account on private. First, none of your posts will be searchable. This means that if you hashtag your posts, nobody will be able to find the post in the search function because your account is on private. There is also the possibility that people don’t want to follow you because you’re not on public. But are these the real followers you want? The last reason you might not want to put your account on private is that you need to switch it to a personal account to do so. This means that you lose all analytics and other business page features.

Try It Out


If you’re curious to see the results that putting your account on private can bring, try it out for yourself. If you don’t like it, switch back. Who knows? This might be the perfect way to grow your Instagram with the best audience possible. Contact San Diego Marketing to learn more about Instagram marketing.