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Personalized & Responsive

We take pride in crafting a website that exceeds expectations

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At the beginning of your custom website design after a consultation, we will lay out 5-8 necessary pages your dental website should feature. Among these includes a home page, different dentistry procedure pages (cosmetic, general etc), about and a contact page.

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After your basic pages are complete, we dig deeper and feature pages with procedures outlined in depth. Not only is this information great for patients, but it helps create more searchable content, helping your website rank higher in more places.

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Whether you’re using a computer, smartphone, a tablet or even a TV, we can ensure that your dental website will be responsive on any device! You never have to worry about your website looking strange when it’s not on the computer.

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Whether you write your own dental content or you request we provide it for you, we will use our best SEO tactics and practices to make sure your website’s pages are ranking high. Our SEO experts here at Dental Affiliate can ensure your awesome new website gets the attention it deserves.

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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

― Paul Cookson 

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Stepping Stones To A Successful Website

The Pathway to Your Website Design

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Capturing the Look & Feel

A personal Dental Affiliate Consultant and Project Manager are assigned to your website design project to take accountability for its perfect outcome and ensure your absolute satisfaction. They will start things off by meeting with you to capture the look and feel that you imagine your dental website encapsulating. We then draft up a design proposal, send it off to you for approval. Once we have that, it’s handed off to the developers.

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Building it Out

This is where the magic happens – our dedicated (and caffeinated) web and content developers start chipping away, building out a beautiful and future proof site, compliant with all modern web standards. What’s makes it future proof? Our sites are built to be responsive, so no matter what size screen you throw at it will look amazing and stand the test of time as new devices are released .

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Delivering the Goods

This is the final step! We have a soft launch of the site for you and your dental office to look at, and any fine tuning that needs to be done will be addressed. Depending on the service that you signed up for, we will continually update the site behind the scenes, making posts relevant to your field so that Google begins to value your dental site and favor it over others, incredibly important for the SEO side of things.

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Interested in pricing or want to know more information? We would be happy to answer any questions you have!