It might seem tempting to buy followers to make your page look like a lot more people care about it, but this isn’t a good idea. You have probably received emails or direct messages from apps or companies who want to sell you followers. While spending $50 to gain a few thousand followers sounds like a good deal, it really isn’t. The actual results you will receive from these followers will get you nowhere. At San Diego Marketing, we want what is best for our clients which is why we advise against this. Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t buy fake followers.

1. Fake Followers Won’t Engage

When you purchase any amount of fake followers, oftentimes, these are not real followers. They are usually bots. These robots won’t do much to help out your page aside from making your follower numbers go up. To start, these fake followers won’t engage on your posts. This means they will be following you but not liking, viewing or commenting on your posts. If they do happen to comment, it will be generic “nice post” comments that mean nothing. This won’t help you generate more business, it will just ruin your reputation.

2. You Will Receive Bot Comments on Your Posts

One of the top reasons to avoid buying followers is to not receive the bot comments. Bot comments can range from generic comments like “nice post” to spam comments selling products. One of the top reasons to use social media, to begin with, is to engage with people who like your company or brand. Real followers are the only ones who will actually turn into potential customers.

3. Fake Followers Will Destroy Your Credibility

If a potential customer is following you on social media and notice that you don’t receive much engagement on your posts even though you have a lot of followers, this is a sign to them that you don’t have real followers. If they also notice spam comments, they’re likely to know that you pay for followers. This can force you to lose your credibility with your followers and prevent them from wanting to do any business with you.

4. Fake Followers are Against Instagram’s Terms and Conditions

If you’re looking for another reason not to buy fake followers, it’s so that you don’t go against Instagram’s terms and conditions. If Instagram notices that you have bought followers, they will first purge your followers and then potentially suspend your account. If you continue to break their terms and conditions, you can kiss your account goodbye because they will disable it.

Signs That an Account Has Fake Followers

The last thing you should know about fake followers on Instagram is how to spot an account with fake followers. To start, if you notice an account that grows their followers by several thousand in as little as a few months, this is a red flag. If you also notice that a profile that has thousands of followers doesn’t get very many likes or comments on their posts, this is a big indicator that they have fake followers. If an account keeps pushing for you to advertise with them because of how many followers they have, their followers might be fake. Be sure to ask to see insights of their impressions and engagement for their posts. Don’t waste your money without doing research.

Build Organic Followers on Instagram

Now that you know why you shouldn’t buy fake followers, it’s time to grow your account organically. Through a good content strategy, proper hashtags and beneficial advertising, you can grow real followers that turn into potential customers. Learn more by contacting us at San Diego Marketing.