If you’re posting on Instagram, not only do you want to post great content for your followers to enjoy, but you should be doing everything possible to expand your followers and overall business. In order to grow your followers on Instagram, it’s best practice to use hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are used by users to find relevant posts. For example, if an Instagram user is interested in dental implants and searches #dentalimplants on Instagram, they will see all posts tagged with that hashtag. When you use the right hashtags, this can help more people see your posts and help you gain more followers and potential customers. Expand your San Diego small business by following these Instagram hashtag tips.

Different Hashtag Categories

Branded Hashtags

When it comes to hashtagging, it’s a smart idea to come up with your own personally branded hashtags for your business. Branded hashtags are hashtags that you have created that are unique to your business. They can be something you like to include on all of your posts or a hashtag that your followers use to engage with you with their relevant posts. You should include some of your own branded hashtags on each of your posts in the captions so that your followers recognize them and use them themselves.

Community Hashtags

Another category of hashtags is community hashtags. Community hashtags are hashtags that are about your specific city. To find out what hashtags your city is using, head over to the search bar on Instagram and type in your city’s name under tags. From there, you will see the most used hashtags with your city in its name. If you click on your city’s hashtag, you can also see what other relevant hashtags people are searching for in your city. Add these to your list.

Campaign Hashtags

If you’re running a special at your business or running some sort of campaign or promotion, creating a hashtag for the promotion is an excellent idea. Make sure to use this on all of your posts for the campaign so you and your followers can keep track of it.

Relevant Hashtags

Not only should you include community, branded and campaign hashtags but you should include hashtags that are relevant to your post. Whether you’re posting about a service you offer or a celebration in the office, using as many relevant hashtags for the post as possible can really help boost your post and expose it to more users.

Research, Research, Research

Your last hashtag category is from research you have conducted. First, research what your followers like to look at. You can browse through some of the pages they follow to get an idea. Next, see what types of hashtags your competitors use. After looking into your competitors, take a look at what hashtags are trending as well as what leaders in your industry are using.

How to Organize Your Hashtags

Now that you have all of the different categories down, it’s time to compile all of the different hashtags into one spot for you to easily access. We recommend using a spreadsheet and adding at least 10 hashtags per category. Add in a section of general hashtags that pertain to your specific industry. Lastly, come up with relevant hashtags for all of the different categories you have.

How to Use Hashtags

Now that you have all of the different hashtags you will need, it’s time to put them on your posts. We recommend only putting branded hashtags in your caption and then putting the rest of your hashtags separately from your caption. Since you can use up to 30 hashtags, either place your bulk of hashtags in the comments or separate your caption from the hashtags using the return key and putting periods in to separate lines. Try to use hashtags from each of your different categories for best results.

Want to Take Instagram Marketing to the Next Level?

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